Situation Comedy West Wing T.V. Show Finally Vindicated

I used to watch the late night comedian monologues.  I don’t anymore.  There is a reason.

Perhaps if I had tuned in this past week I would have heard jokes about Chief-of-Staff Rahm Immanuel – naked in a gym and poking his finger in the chest of another naked democratic.  The fact that Rahm-bo willingly walked naked up to a man he knew to be prone to groping other men is just pregnant with humorous possibilities for the late night comedy writers, I’m sure.

Yet, since the days of Johnny Carson I realized that late night comedians and network situation comedies for the most part made their lame political jokes about Republican administrations’ policies but Democratic administration personality foibles – like the one mentioned above.  This was considered equal treatment.  So, I stopped watching.

However, I found a veritable feast of knee slapping comedy in an unlikely place:  Where liberals try to be serious.  I tune in to Countdown with K.O. and giggle continuously throughout except when it comes to the “Special Comments” (as if the rest of the show was news) when I laugh ‘till I choke.

Another such comedy hour back in the day was the West Wing.  It was a T.V. show about how liberal democrats would not run the country into the ground – fiction/fantasy.

In a dramatic scene from early 2003, a pompous woman claiming to be a global warming expert tells a gathering in the White House that 14 drowned Alaskan villagers were global warming fatalities.  This is prefaced by her introductory statement, “[I am] an expert in what I am about to say”.

A breathlessly concerned White House Chief-of Staff says, “Are you telling me that the deaths this morning are the first fatalities of global warming?”  The self-important “hydroclimatologist” (yuk, yuk) states, “They’re definitely global warming fatalities, but I doubt that they’re the first”.

Towel in hand, I wipe the once mouthful of beverage from my television screen.  Tissue at the ready, I then wipe the tears of laughter streaming down my face.  Wait!  Is that Peter Sellers I see in the scene’s background?

But now, 7 supposed global warming years later, we do indeed have 3 global warming fatalities.  This time, it is no laughing matter.  It seems that a young couple in Argentina – distraught over global warming – shot their two children and then themselves.  The 7 month old daughter survived for 3 days lying on the blood covered floor next to her dead father, mother and brother with a bullet in her chest.

As Rush is fond of saying, “Liberals are funny when they’re not in power”.  However, this story shows that liberal ideas – funny though they may be – can be dangerous and even deadly when left to fester.  The media’s assistance in perpetuating and not discrediting the now obviously discredited policy fiasco of AGW also shares in the blame.

In the early 1990’s, the hate-filled flaming liberal Lawrence O’Donnell worked for the Democrats in the U.S. Senate.  He was a producer of the West Wing.  He now pitches in on comedy station MSNBC.  The hand he had in producing the West Wing series is now covered with the blood of two gullible fools and their two innocent children – though not as much as the blood drenched hands of that bloody fool Al Gore.


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